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Without a doubt, there is no shortage of Yoga teacher training programs out there, especially in the LA area! So why create another? How will this one be different?

It’s clear to see that Yoga is now considered a full-blown industry in today’s world, one that profits in the billions annually. Though I praise its popularity and the potential it has to help transform lives, I feel we have a responsibility to use these practices wisely and protect the integrity of these ancient traditions, especially as they gain popularity. Sadly, quality often gets left behind in the excitement of getting on the Yoga bandwagon, and it’s hard as a practitioner to decipher what’s what in the arena.

It is my belief that one does not need to compromise quality and can hold the utmost respect, reverence, and integrity for the practices while simultaneously providing an empowering way to utilize these ancient traditions for modern times. In my training, I seek to provide programming that holds true to the tradition and at the same time offer innovative ways for practitioners to use Yoga to help evolve our bodies, minds, and souls. When you finish the training, you will have all you need to flourish as a teacher both personally and professionally. I am committed to making this training work for you at every level, and I am so honored to have the privilege of helping guide you further along the path.



"Amy introduced me to Yoga seven years ago. She is a wonderful and insightful teacher and a beautiful person as well. Every time I get a chance to practice with her, it is always so joyous. I highly recommend her as a teacher."

Gisele Bundchen, International Supermodel, Businesswoman, and Philanthropist

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